Our story

Paimona believes in the power of Pakistan’s story — it’s culture, heritage and most importantly, its people. The brand stands for creating handcrafted, ethereal and timeless furniture pieces that can lend unshakable beauty and elegance to any living space. We are the perfect blend of modern aesthetics and cultural relevance and are made to suit your artistic sensibilities.

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The beginning

It all started when Sana Khan Niazi embarked on a search — a search for Pakistan’s artisans who were not only well-versed with its history but also could embody the country’s rich heritage in their work. She thought if other countries could own their culture and artisans, why couldn’t Pakistan?

The meaning

A word derived from the Dari language, the meaning of Paimona evolves to symbolize the transition of our deep rooted heritage into modernity.It signifies the ever-green nature of tradition and its ability to retain its vitality over hundreds of years. Paimona’s focus is on creating locally produced, ethereal pieces that can stand the test of the times and still be magical and meaningful.

When honest effort meets great artistry — magic happens. Our mission: To bring this magic into every home and livable space so that every room becomes worth living in.

The brand

How do we define the products that we make at Paimona?

They are handcrafted, ethereal and timeless.